ezimate labor saving handle

Hard work made easy!

and make your job easier!

The ultimate labor-saving accessory

Reduce back or wrist strain from yard work! This amazing attachment will allow you to do chores with less effort and in less time. Designed for long life using stainless steel hardware and durable UV materials. eziMate attaches quickly to any long-handled tool (allen key included), and cleans up easily. You'll love how it's easier to rake, sweep, hoe, dig or do any indoor or outdoor job using a long-handled tool! What makes the eziMate unique is that it alters the point where the hands meet the tool and can dramatically reduce backache, arm, hand and joint discomfort by improving posture and angle of leverage.

Proudly made in America, eziMate comes in seven beautiful colors. A must for every garage or tool shed, this handy device is a great gift for anyone who wants to make their yard or house work easier.

The eziMate™ advantages


1. Reduce back, hand, wrist & body fatigue


2. Help prevent blisters


3. Easily attaches to any long-handled tool


4. More work with less effort!

... and more!

Award winning ezimate is easy to useAward-winning eziMate!

The eziMate has earned numerous awards at the International Invention of the Year Awards. Click for more

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ezimate is made in USA
ezimate works on all long handled tools

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eziMate™ Limited Lifetime Guarantee