The many benefits of using

A healthy back means less pain, more productivity

Medical Fact: Back injury is the single largest cost to business through Workers Compensation premiums and lost output through recuperation time. eziMate can reduce back injuries by keeping workers in an upright, relaxed position while raking, shoveling, sweeping, pressure washing, or while using any other long-handled tool.

The eziMate™ benefits

1. Reduce back & body fatigue

2. Reduce hand and wrist fatigue

3. Improve posture

4. Help prevent blisters

5. Easily attaches to any long-handle tool

6. Recommended and tested by the National Home Gardening Club

7. Manufactured from high-quality UV stable materials designed to give years of service

8. Dramatically reduce effort, bending and repetitive stress injuries associated with using long-handled tools

9. Double your work output with half the effort in half the time without backaches

10. eziMate dramatically changes the bio-mechanics of sweeping and raking etc.

ezimate labor saving handle

Here's what a noted chiropractor has to say about eziMate™

"Worker/patients using the eziMate have shown significant improvement in spinal health, less muscular pain and fatigue and much reduced back pain and other debilitating outcomes of routine work such as sweeping, raking etc.

As well, workers required less chiropractic treatment and much less time off from work due to back problems."

- Dr Warren Reeves
Chiropractor with more than
30 years experience

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