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ezimate is chiropractor endorsedWorkers who regularly perform jobs of sweeping, mopping, raking etc. often present to the chiropractors with a variety of painful symptoms arising from the repetitive side- bending/twisting action required when using a conventional handle on brooms, rakes etc (action technically known as lateral flexion/rotation of the vertebral column).

X-ray of the full spine, using the conventional handle, is shown as 'A' and illustrates the one-sided curvature that is involved in 'normal' sweeping action. The result of repeated/prolonged action involving curvature stress of this kind produces what chiropractors call the 'subluxation complex' which can be acute or chronic. Typical of this condition is debilitating back pain, buttock pain and often sciatic pain down one leg - as well as restricted movement and stiffness.

What is this 'subluxation complex'?

The spinal column, being repeatedly bent sideways and twisted, often causes compression on one side and disc bulge on the other side (commonly called 'pinched nerve' and 'slipped disc') in the areas where the nerve roots exit from the spinal cord through the windows in the boney vertebrae of the spinal column. The nerves then produce pain signals. As well, the circulation of blood and lymph is compromised and there is usually localized swelling and fluid retention. Often severe pain is also felt in the buttocks and back of the leg. The worker usually has to take time off work and visit the chiropractor for treatment.

The design of a tool handle which avoids these painful outcomes for workers has not been addressed. The conventional handle is the cause of a lot of pain for these workers and lost work time is a common result.

The eziMate handle dramatically changes the bio-mechanics of sweeping and raking etc.

The worker using the eziMate on a normal handle is able to perform the work in a completely upright position - which allows the spine to remain straight and not stressed. X-ray 'B' illustrates the straight spine when using the eziMate to sweep/rake etc.)

Experiments with worker/patients using the eziMate have shown significant improvement in spinal health, less muscular pain and fatigue and much reduced back pain and other debilitating outcomes of routine work such as sweeping, raking etc. As well, workers required less chiropractic treatment and much less time off from work due to back problems.

I recommend the eziMate handle as a very helpful new tool design which largely eliminates a major cause of spinal stress and back pain. It would seem a 'must' in every home, garden and of course so many workplaces where sweeping and mopping is essential and routinely performed.

(Doctor of Chiropractic with experience of 30 years in clinical practice.)

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